Thursday, January 22, 2015

Penguin Mustache

                             Penguins and mustache

      So today we have another assighnment, wich is to post about our experience in Ameritowne. Amertowne is a place in downtown Denver, [in the back of a HUGE bank] thats is basiclly a little town that we all run for a day. Each and every one of us had a job at our own shop. There was even a mayor and judge! We all had our ouwn debit card, checkbook, and cash. we all bought thins from the stores using the money we were given. It was great! I was the delivery/sales person at the sighn and print shop. All of my co-workers and I worked hard to create sighns for every shop. Our computrers broke down sowe had to do everything by hand and it was sure challenging! Oer all I had a great day at Ameritowne.  

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