Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Im tired


            I'm Tired
     Woo Hoo! I stayed up all night last night! Ha Ha got you! I didn't. Anyway, are you tired of the names, rumors, fights, secrets, gossip, and any other stupid thing were going through? Cause I sure the heck am. Heres some advice. Say stop. It'd really not cool and if they want to be like that there not worth a second of your time. thats all I have to say. See you next time!

Monday, May 18, 2015

Taking A Stand Against Bullying


                     Taking a stand Against Bullying

   I for some reason couldn't come up with a pun today. So anyway today we have an assignment which is to write about a global issue. So obviously, Im going to write about bullying. Im currently being socially bullied by a person. Its rough. They haven't talked to me since February.They have been spreading rumors and writing nasty letters then throwing them in the trash. I know this because I've read one. 

But anyway, Its not cool and I know that there are millions of other kids going through this just like me. And we need to take a stand. I know this will probably ruin me AND my blog, But I was a bully to that person because they were a bully to me and still are. I stopped being mean to them because I knew it wasn't right of fair to them. But bullying happens all around the world and its not right.We all need to work together and stomp it out. For more information go to the following sites: the BULLY project Kids Against Bullying